Welcome to the Deltek Vantagepoint Upgrade Resources

The one place for everything you need to support your upgrade from Vision to Vantagepoint. Learn about resources available to help you on your journey to Vantagepoint including training resources, upgrade dates, what’s new in Vantagepoint and much more in one place to make it easy to get the answers you need from the Deltek experts.

Why Vantagepoint?

Why Vantagepoint and Why Now?

Now is the time to get your teams excited about Vantagepoint! Check out this video to hear from Bret Tushaus on why now is the best time to upgrade, the value drivers for change and what other customers are saying about Vantagepoint.

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Why Vantagepoint For Your Teams

Each section below highlights how each of your key teams can thrive with Vantagepoint.

Why Vantagepoint for Financial Leaders​

See how your financial leaders will thrive with Vantagepoint​

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Why Vantagepoint for Project Managers​

See how Vantagepoint will empower your project managers

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Why Vantagepoint for Biz Dev & Marketing​

See how you can better manage client relationships and pipeline with Vantagepoint​

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Why Vantagepoint Dashboards​

See how dashboards can empower your users with better visibility​

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How Vantagepoint Empowers Every User

See how to empower everyday users and make it easier to get tasks done​

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Take the User Experience to the Next Level with Vantagepoint​​

See how you can improve usability for every user at every level with Vantagepoint​

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Upgrade Success Stories​​

Hear why Deltek Vision customers are successfully upgrading to Deltek Vantagepoint

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Learn More About Vantagepoint

What's New in Vantagepoint?

With each new release of the Deltek Vantagepoint product, Deltek University produces an accompanying guide that covers the new features and enhancements of the release

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See Vantagepoint in Action

Check out short videos and extended demos for key areas of Vantagepoint.

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Visit the Readiness Portal

The Vantagepoint Readiness Portal is filled with content that highlights what's new and improved in Vantagepoint. As a Vision user, this portal is created specifically for you to help you understand how to best prepare for your upgrade, learn about new features and enhancements and see what has changed between Vision and Vantagepoint.

Instructions to Access Readiness Portal

The Readiness Portal is available to all Vision customers. If you already have access to the Deltek Learning Zone (DLZ), you can log in and navigate to the Vantagepoint Readiness Portal. If you do not have access or do not remember your credentials, you can contact DeltekUniversity@dlz.Deltek.com for assistance. ​

To access the portal, just follow these simple steps

  1. Log into the DLZ platform with your DLZ account credentials
  2. On the opening Dashboard screen, use the “Enter Search keyword” feature to search for “Readiness Portal”.
  3. The “Deltek Vantagepoint Readiness Portal” will come up as the top result for all Vision and Vantagepoint product users, and you can simply click to enrol and launch the portal.
  4. Once enrolled, you can access the portal at any time from your personal Learning Profile, where it will appear on your “Courses” list.

The Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

The Customer Assistance Program (CAP) supports customers who are planning to upgrade from Vision to Vantagepoint. CAP lasts for eight weeks and provides all the necessary guidance to ensure a successful upgrade to Vantagepoint. There is no cost associated with CAP and there are no limits to participants that can join from your company.

Key benefits of CAP:

Check-in Meetings

Live Q&A during the
Check-in Meetings

An Upgrade Plan Template will be provided

Access to the collaboration tool Invision

CAP Sessions for 2023

The following dates are available for registration. Additional dates will be added as they are confirmed.

CAP Session 15 CAP Session 16
April 19 - June 7, 2023 Coming Soon

Click here to learn more and register for an upcoming CAP session. You can also email VantagepointCAP@deltek.com if you have questions.

Let Us Help You

Engage with an Upgrade Success Manager

Do you have questions or aren’t sure where to start? Engage with an Upgrade Success Manager (USM), your dedicated point of contact to ensure a successful upgrade. Your USM can help get you on the right track, answer your questions, and check in regularly to support you throughout your upgrade. This is a complimentary service for any Deltek Vision customer. If you are working with a Deltek Partner, we encourage you to reach out to your Deltek Partner first. If you are interested in engaging with a USM or learning more, contact the Vantagepoint Upgrade Success Manager Team.

Need Additional Support for Your Upgrade?

Deltek is here to help. Deltek Global Consulting has an upgrade services package – Vantagepoint Upgrade Launch Care – specifically designed to help small and medium-sized firms to successfully upgrade for minimal cost.

If you need something more specific to your needs, you can work with Deltek Global Consulting or a Deltek Partner to better support your upgrade journey. To learn more about what’s available, check out the Vantagepoint Readiness Portal under “Upgrading to Vantagepoint.” You can also reach out to your Deltek Partner or email vantagepointconsulting@deltek.com for more information.

Expanded Support Offering for Vantagepoint Upgrade

We know that as you upgrade to Vantagepoint, you will have questions and we want to make sure it is easy to ask as many questions as you need. To better support you in your upgrade, Deltek Vision customers with Standard Care will have access to unlimited support cases for six months. This one-time offering will help your company receive the support you need during your upgrade process through your post-upgrade transition period. Learn more about this offering and how to activate your six months of support.

Continued Support for Vision Users

We understand that each Vision customer is determining the best time for their upgrade and we want to reassure you that Deltek will continue to support your company and your solution. Vision 7.6 will remain in active support beyond the end of 2022; there is currently no end date for the active support phase for Vision 7.6. We will continue to follow user momentum and share successes with our users. If our timeline around the Vision 7.6 lifecycle changes, we will communicate that directly to our customers.

Get Preview Environment

Schedule Upgrade

Ask Questions/Get Help

The Deltek Support Center

The Deltek Support Center is your primary access point for product releases and release notes, knowledgebase (KB) articles, logging and managing cases and much more. Any active user can have a Deltek Support Center login and it can be set up by the company’s administrator. For details, click here.
To access the Deltek Support Center, click here.

Ask the Product Experts

Have you explored the resources available and still have questions? Ask the product experts! Send an email to Vantagepoint@deltek.com and someone will get you the answers you need shortly.

Vantagepoint Blog

Stay up-to-date with the latest product enhancements and tips from the Vantagepoint experts to help you get the most from Vantagepoint

Vantagepoint Vision

Deltek Learning Zone (DLZ)

The Deltek Learning Zone contains videos, guides and interactive learning opportunities across a broad range of product topics, with something for users of all roles and proficiently levels.

Access is via a unique URL per company, which is supplied to you at the time of your onboarding. If you have forgotten or can’t find your company’s URL, simply send an email DeltekUniversity@dlz.deltek.com, giving your company name and customer ID if you know it. We will return your URL along with steps on how to reset any forgotten user credentials.

Once logged in, you are free to explore the learning content we have, using flexible filters and search functionality. You can set filters such as Topic and Role, or simply search by keyword to find courses on subjects you wish to learn about. Each user has a personal Learning Profile, where they can set defaults so that relevant training for their product and role are always the first thing displayed on log in.

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Have an Idea to Improve Vantagepoint?

Deltek is committed to continually improving our software and services by seeking customer insights to build the best products, which is why we have launched the Deltek Idea Portals.​

To submit product ideas, your company’s Authorized Support Contacts (ASCs) can access the Deltek Idea Portals from a link within the Deltek Support Center. Within the portal, you can easily share your ideas with the Vantagepoint product management team and user community, as well as cast your vote and provide your thoughts on ideas submitted by other users.