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 The one place for everything you need to support your upgrade from Vision to Vantagepoint.

 Learn about resources available to help you on your journey to Vantagepoint including training resources, upgrade dates, what’s new in Vantagepoint and much more.

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The Vantagepoint Upgrade Journey

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This site provides a single source to find everything you need to support your upgrade process from Vision to Vantagepoint.

Explore the sections at the top to understand why you should upgrade to Vantagepoint, how simple it is and how we can help you get there.

Now is the time to get your teams excited about Vantagepoint!

Why Vantagepoint?

Why Vantagepoint and Why Now?

Now is the time to get your teams excited about Vantagepoint! Check out this video to hear from Bret Tushaus on why now is the best time to upgrade, the value drivers for change and what other customers are saying about Vantagepoint.

Why are Vision Customers Upgrading to Vantagepoint?

Why Upgrade?

Hear why Deltek Vision customers are successfully upgrading Vantagepoint and their advice to others preparing for their upgrade.

Engage With Your Upgrade Success Manager

Do you have questions or aren't sure where to start? Let your Upgrade Success Manager help! Learn more about how your dedicated resource can guide you on your Vantagepoint Upgrade Journey at no additional cost.

 Let Us Help You

Continued Support for Vision Users

We understand that each Vision customer is determining the best time for their upgrade and we want to reassure you that Deltek will continue to support your company and your solution. Vision 7.6 will remain in active support beyond 2024; there is currently no end date for the active support phase for Vision 7.6. We will continue to follow user momentum and share successes with our users. If our timeline around the Vision 7.6 lifecycle changes, we will communicate that directly to our customers.

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